American Editorial Review

Israeli-Related Editorials from U.S. Newspapers


Copies of hundreds of editorials and op-ed columns on the Middle East were sent by email since from 2002 until 2007 to a limited distribution list of interested people upon their request. They were culled from the 15 largest circulation U.S. newspapers and focused on the opportunities and impediments to achieving peace. From 1989 until 2002, 190 editions were sent by surface mail (for Israelis, faxed there for copying and mailing). Although we have copies of these issues, they are not in electronic form for posting here.

The recipients of the email editions were Israeli business executives, academics, Knesset members, media people and other Israeli opinion leaders together with a broad range of American Jews and other interested individuals throughout the world. Some of these people requested past articles about a particular topic or from a previous edition. Although some of the articles are dated, many are just as relevant today as when they appeared in the press.

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