American Editorial Review

Edition #1-2002
April 10, 2002

Dear Friend,

For over a decade, I provided American Editorial Review on a frequent basis to you and other interested parties in Israel and the United States. The intention of this service free of charge was to inform Israelis of U.S. media reactions to events taking place in Israel. Toward the end, I provided an email edition. In the last few weeks, I
have been sending by email individual articles of interest from U.S. newspapers to specific friends in Israel. It is just as easy for me to send these articles to the much larger email list represented by former recipients of American Editorial Review.

Previously, I had culled the 20 largest circulation American newspapers for relevant articles, whether they represented my view or not. I am enclosing with this email a number of articles from the newspapers that I have read, mostly during the past week. If there is sufficient interest, I will enlarge the scope of these activities. On the other hand, if you wish to be removed from the distribution list for future editions, let me know by email.

I hope you find these articles of value.


Arthur S. Obermayer