American Editorial Review

Edition #26/5-2003
April 22, 2003

Dear Friend,

Since the fall of Baghdad less than two weeks ago, there has been a surfeit of editorials and op-eds on the opportunities for Israeli-Palestinian peace through implementation of the "road map". This will require the active intervention of Bush and the forced cooperation of Sharon and Abu Mazen. The columnists on both the political right and left for once generally agree -- a good sign! But will Arafat give Abu Mazen the authority he needs? Will Bush have the political bravery to resist AIPAC's lobbying against the "road map"? And will Sharon respond sufficiently to the necessary arm twisting by Bush?

These articles are arranged roughly in reverse chronological order because the issues and questions change almost daily as new situations arise.


Arthur S. Obermayer

The Road Map, Its Highways and Road Blocks