American Editorial Review

Edition #52-12/2004
December 15, 2004

Dear Friend,

During the past few weeks, a series of small positive actions have been taken by Israelis, Palestinians and other parties to the conflict. They are quite encouraging and provide reason to be cautiously optimistic. They indicate that Mahmoud Abbas is a skilled diplomat and a worthy negotiating partner and that Sharon is willing to take constructive action as well.

Almost every editorial seems to indicate how the most recent events can advance the peace process somewhat further. Therefore, I am arranging all of them in reverse chronological order.


Arthur S. Obermayer

1. Joseph R. Biden, Jr., "The Mideast's Second Chance", Los Angeles Times, December 15, 2004
2. Georgie Anne Geyer, "Egypt brightens Middle East horizon", Chicago Tribune, December 10, 2004
3. Ike Seamans, "No major changes in Bush's Mideast policy", Miami Herald, December 10, 2004
4. William Safire, "Sharon's Showdown With Likud", New York Times, December 8, 2004
5. Martin Indyk, "Actions Speak Louder Than Tours", New York Times, December 6, 2004
6. "Seize the Peace", Baltimore Sun, December 5, 2004
7. "Stark Choice for Palestinians", Los Angeles Times, December 6, 2004
8. "Bush needs to help map the road to stability, peace with Palestinians", Newsday, December 3, 2004
9. "After Arafat, Despair and Hope", New York Times, December 3, 2004
10. "Mideast tipping point", Boston Globe, December 3, 2004
11. James A. Baker III, "Talking Our Way to Peace", New York Times, December 2, 2004