American Editorial Review

Edition #44/4-2004
April 16, 2004

Dear Friend,

In the days before the Bush-Sharon meeting of April 14, I had accumulated six editorials cautioning Bush on succumbing to Sharon's requests. Although they are of historical interest, I am including only one here because concerns expressed as a result of the meeting are generally more relevant. However, I am only including about half of those that have been published in the past two days. Until now, all U.S. governments had wanted to be seen as the "honest broker", but Bush's siding with Israel on some settlement retention and the right of return prior to negotiations with the Palestinians demonstrates an overtly pro-Israel policy. Its impact remains to be seen.

A number of articles appeared earlier on other subjects. I have arranged them in order of related subjects and my preferences.

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Arthur S. Obermayer

Bush-Sharon Meeting

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