American Editorial Review

Edition #53-1/2005
January 17, 2005

Dear Friend,

It has been difficult for me to keep ahead of events in reviewing articles for this issue. The election of Mahmoud Abbas and the formation of a new Labor-Likud government in Israel a week ago made many previous editorials obsolete. Just a week ago, on the single day of January 11, sixteen editorials appeared expressing hope for constructive negotiations, which now mostly appear outdated as a result of the terrorist attacks and the Israeli response. Before things change again, I am sending out this issue.


Arthur S. Obermayer

1. "A Double Blow to Mideast Peace", New York Times, January 15, 2005
2. "An Attack on Peace", Boston Globe, January 15, 2005
3. Yossi Beilin, "Help Abbas Succeed", Washington Post, January 14, 2005
4. James Carroll, "A better climate for peace", Boston Globe, January 11, 2005
5. David Makovsky, "Abbas' Voice Resonates With Palestinians", Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2005
6. Daoud Kuttab, "With Abbas, closer to peace", Miami Herald, January 11, 2005
7. "A Vote for Peace", Baltimore Sun, January 11, 2005
8. Samir S. Rantisi, "Next steps after the Palestinian election", San Francisco Chronicle", January 10, 2005
9. Thomas L. Friedman, "Remapping the Middle East, Maybe", New York Times, January 9, 2005
10. Trudy Rubin, "U.S., Israel must back Palestinian president", Philadelphia Inquirer, January 9, 2005