American Editorial Review

Edition #64-3/2006
March 31, 2006

Dear Friend,

Since the last issue of American Editorial Review, I have been in Germany (see for a week and New Zealand for a month's vacation. Now I am catching up and wanted to get an issue out right after the Israeli election and before this weekend.

Here it is, but I am sure there will be further analyses next week based on the very recent final Israeli election returns, which include the late counted votes of soldiers, hospitalized, overseas diplomats, etc. The final results provide the following Knesset seats: Kadima 29, Labor 20, Shas 12, Likud 12, Yisrael Beiteinu (Russian) 11, National Religious 9, Pensioners 7, United Torah 6, Meretz 5, and Arab parties 9. This may mean that the most compatible minimum coalition government with 61 of the 120 seats would consist of Kadima, Labor, Pensioners and Meretz. These minor changes in numbers could have a major impact on the political landscape. It is too early to tell.


Arthur S. Obermayer