Creglingen Jewish Museum

The Creglingen Jewish Museum is in the southern Germany town of Creglingen-on-the-Tauber.  This beautiful museum commemorates the lives and contributions of the Jews who lived there. Through the combined contributions of Germans and Jews this museum is leading to mutual reconciliation and understanding. The rehabbed building was dedicated in November 2000, and during the past four years, artifacts, stories andarchival material have been assembled to provide a presentation of where and how Jews lived in the community and what happened to them when they left Creglingen, either voluntarily or as victims. The opening ceremonies celebrating the completion of the permanent exhibits was held on Monday evening, November 8, 2004.

The maternal grandparents of Arthur Obermayer were born in Creglingen. The museum is located at the site where his ancestors lived eleven generations ago. They moved into this protected walled city to escape marauders in 1618 at the start of the 30 Years War.  

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