Creglingen Jewish Museum


The building dedication, which took place on Sunday, November 19, 2000, was a very positive and constructive event. The number of attendees was larger than the largest auditorium in town could accommodate. The mayor, Hartmut Holzwarth, received the ceremonial key to the museum from the architect, Rolf Klärle. Arthur Obermayer put up the mezuzah at the museum entrance door. Then everyone moved to the auditorium at the Protestant church, where speeches were given by the head of the Wuerttemberg Jewish Community, Arno Fern; the mayor; the regional Protestant prelate, Paul Dieterich; the local Bundestag member; Arthur Obermayer; and Sabine Kutterolf-Ammon, the church minister and chair of the museum Advisory Council. The city brought in a cantor, Henny Dörr-Trautmann, and his accompanists from Strassbourg, who sang inspiring liturgical and traditional Jewish music and modern Israeli music. The audience joined in for some of the songs. The cantor and his group returned to the museum on January 17, 2001 for an evening concert.

For the opening, local residents installed a large temporary exhibit depicting former Jewish life in the state of Wuerttemberg. In addition, two Creglingen Jewish heirlooms of Arthur Obermayer's ancestors were shown: the 1768 wimpel (a linen infant wrap which is made into a Torah binder) of Raphael Eleazar Blumenfeld (his great great great grandfather), and the yod (a silver Torah pointer) of Aron Sinsheimer (his great grandfather).

Dedication Program
Arthur Obermayer's Comments at Dedication (English)
Arthur Obermayer's Comments at Dedication (German)
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